Denim + Roses.
The Grand Canyon
On the road in New Mexico
Rice University had the most beautiful campus. Made me a little jelly that I went to school in a major city #landartroadtrip
James Turrell at the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston #landartroadtrip
The Turrell Skyscape at Rice University • Houston, Texas #landartroadtrip @hygenic
Austin, Texas! #landartroadtrip
@adamjosephbrochstein between two ferns at the Chinati Foundation • Marfa, Texas #landartroadtrip
Minimalism is beautiful at the Chinati Foundation • Marfa, Texas #landartroadtrip @hygenic
The Chinati Foundation in Marfa, Texas #landartroadtrip


"I sit in the fourth row of the eleven-seater. A row ahead of me is Adeline de Monseignat, a lovely artist who is one of the first members of the trip I was able to get to know. We consistently share intelligent conversations, talking about the art industry in a critical way, where her experiences and wisdom allow her to always drop some real knowledge. Born in Monaco, Adeline currently resides in London where she works full-time as a visual artist. Her work is incredibly unique and always provokes thought. However, what I find most interesting is that although she refers to her works as sculptures, clay is rarely involved. She utilizes materials like fur, steel, wood, sand, hand blown glass, coffee, bread and much more. So you can already imagine how cool of an artist Adeline is.”

- Sarah Mendelsohn, Writer-In-Residence, Reporting for HY.GEN.IC


"Nancy Holt scoured America’s Southwest in search of the perfect place to present her concept. She landed on northwest Utah by Lucin, an abandoned railroad town. Many believed that the land was completely useless, but Holt saw its potential. She ended up buying forty acres of the land, which would soon be home to the Sun Tunnels. With a team of scientists and contractors, her conception was erected. Although a work of art, Holt also had a valuable purpose for this project. Together, the cylinders serve as a calendar that is based entirely on the sun’s position in the sky. The “useless” land was perfect for the endeavor, as it was flat and barren. There is nothing to distract you from her work, not even cell phone reception or wifi."

- Sarah Mendelsohn, Writer-In-Residence, Reporting for HY.GEN.IC

Naomi is a total babe, especially against Dan Flavin’s installation at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa #landartroadtrip @hygenic
Adam Brochstein swaggin’ infront of Dan Flavin’s light installation at the Chinati Foundation in Marfa #landartroadtrip
Dan Flavin’s lights at the Chinati Foundation #landartroadtrip @hygenic